Photo Guidelines

Your pet’s already a masterpiece. Do them due justice by taking a rocking photo.

Your portrait is highly dependent on the photo you choose. For best possible results, follow these pointers on how to take the perfect photo of your pet:

  • Lighting matters
    Natural lighting in the daytime makes it easier to see your pet.
    Avoid filters, night-time or dimly lit rooms.
  • Get eye level 
    - Best practice is sitting eye-level with your pet looking directly at you.
    - Capture your best friend’s face clearly and with as much detail as possible (it helps with accuracy).
  • Upload in high resolution:
    - Make sure the photo you choose is not compressed, cropped or resized.
    - The higher the resolution, the better.
  • Swag (optional):
    -Collars, hats, sunglasses or any other bling your pet wears will be reproduced in your artwork. Let their personality shine!  

Remember, all Pawcasso Pet Portrait artwork includes a digital preview sent to you before the final artwork is processed. If you have any amendments or questions about your photo you have chosen, just give us a shout.

Check out these examples of our Pawcasso Ambassadors looking their best on Photo Day!