Our Story

No one will ever love you more than your dog loves you. (Especially when you’ve got food in your hand.) At Pawcasso, we think it’s high time you return the favour with something a bit different: a custom portrait of your pet.  

Meet Axel.

This heart-stealer was left abandoned in a box on the shoulder of a busy Joburg freeway. Luckily, Jordan, Will’s cousin (that’s our founder), swooped him up, kicked into Cat Dad mode and bottle-nursed him back to health.

Inspired by his family’s devotion to their new companion, Will founded Pawcasso. Here he could combine triple passions (art, animals and eCommerce) to bring unique, personalised artwork to pet lovers across South Africa.

Thing is: time flies. So we’re here to help you cherish the memories you make with your pet for a long, long time.

Our small business hails from the sunny side of Cape Town, though we ship countrywide. As a way to do our part, all Pawcasso products and printing partners are carefully vetted to ensure they’re environmentally sustainable and traceable.

Though we’re just getting started, we have big dreams. All suggestions, ideas, and – most importantly – pet stories are welcome! (We especially welcome cute pics of doggos.)