Introducing Pawcasso

Introducing Pawcasso

Welcome to our first post!

We wanted to introduce ourselves and Pawcasso to you. The Pawcasso story began a few months ago in September, 2021 when our founder, Will's cousin came across a box on the side of a busy Johannesburg freeway whilst stopping. Upon discovering two tiny kittens inside the box, Jordan (Will's cousin) realised instinctively that he needed to take the kittens into his care. 

After finding a foster home for the second kitten, Axel was decided as the name for the kitten that Jordan had been fostering. At 6 weeks of age, Axel was flown down (in the passenger seat) from Johannesburg to Cape Town to live with Jordan's parents as their new Cat-grandchild.

Having Axel arrive in a new family inspired everyone around to become photographers who were capturing and cherishing every new memory that Axel brought along. Our founder Will became inspired after seeing how close Jordan's family were bonding with Axel which led him to experimenting with various ways to capture the very best moments of pet companions which often go unnoticed. 

How cute is Axel?

Will wanted to create something that could be cherished by his pet-loving aunt and uncle which led to the creation of Pawcasso. Equipped with some amazing pictures of Axel, Will set out to find a digital designer to work with who could bring those photos to life. An amazing digital designer that Will met was able to turn Axel's pictures into works of art which were later printed and framed. With Axel's portrait printed and framed in-hand, Will's family were over the moon with their new pet portrait of their kitten.

The immense joy and happiness that Axel's pet portrait brought for Will's family inspired him to formally launch Pawcasso as a small, Cape Town based startup. At Pawcasso, we strive to offer pet lovers a unique way to cherish their pet companions which are often an extension of their families. 

Our Pawcasso Pet portraits come in Digital-only format, Framed Photo Prints, Photo Prints and Canvas Prints. Pawcasso products are carefully thought-through and tailored by us for pet lovers. We have chosen to work with local print and manufacturing partners who only use environmentally-friendly and traceable products for the production our Pawcasso Pet portraits.

We sincerely hope that you follow our journey and that our Pawcasso Pet portraits bring you much joy and happiness. 

Until next time,